Mallorytown woman wins workplace award
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Mallorytown woman wins workplace award

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Tanya Evaristo isn’t the type of person who cries when something is over, rather, she smiles because it happened.

Tanya, 25, beams brightly when told she is the Employee of the Month for September at Carveth Care Centre where she has worked as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) for the past three years.

“I love it here,” says the petite brunette when asked about her job assisting 104 residents in long-term care. “I like learning about the residents.”

Typically found on one of the bath teams, Tanya does her best to make every minute enjoyable for the people in her care.

“I’m a firm believer that if a person doesn’t have a good experience, they won’t go in (the bathing room) again,” she says wisely. “I try my best to make bath time as enjoyable as possible with music, bubbles and jokes. It’s the small things that matter. Sometimes music calms people down.”

Known for her happy demeanour, Tanya has a quick wit and a heart of gold.

“I’m a loud-Portuguese-who-never-stops-talking-kind-of-person,” she says with a grin when asked to describe herself. “Actually, I can MacGyver something out of nothing.”

The proud mother of a toddler, Tanya enjoys watching soccer, taking photographs and raising her son when she’s not at work.

“I’m very family oriented,” the Mallorytown woman explains. “We’re constantly doing something or we’re at home hanging out with our cat, Bruce.”

Asked about her future goals, she replies quickly. “I want to advance to a Registered Practical Nurse. Eventually, I’d like to be a Director of Care.”

Speaking on behalf of the home, Assistant Director of Care Lynn Vereecken notes, “Tanya is very energetic and happy. She goes out of her way for the residents. You can ask her to do anything and she will get it done. Tanya is a good team player.”

Fully of energy, Tanya seems capable of everything and anything.

“I like to talk a lot,” she says unapologetically. “I’ve always been told, if you like what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I always knew I wanted to do something with people.”

Carveth Care Centre is grateful for the good work of Tanya Evaristo. To learn more about living or working at our home, please call 613-382-4752.

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