Worker embraces selflessness, the greatest gift of mankind
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Worker embraces selflessness, the greatest gift of mankind

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Cathy Webster has few desires.

At 60, she has spent most of her life manifesting plainness and embracing simplicity.

Her modesty and humbleness is refreshing and inspiring.

Speaking from Carveth Care Centre where she has worked for the past 29 years providing health care to vulnerable residents, Cathy has spent her entire adult life helping others.

“Good friends and family are the most essential things in life,” she says kindly about her values and priorities.

Dressed in scrubs on a late Saturday morning in October 2018, Cathy has loved and lost more than others. She has survived the death of her husband and two of her three children. Now, she helps her brother care for their elderly parents who reside in Kingston.

“I feel like I’m always looking after someone who is sick,” she says without a trace of resentment. “Someday, I’d like to do some travelling.”

A resident of Gananoque, Cathy is the nursing home’s Employee of the Month for November. She was nominated and chosen by staff.

Cathy is an amazing coworker, says Joe of Carveth Care Centre.

“As a long-term loyal employee, Cathy has been with us through many changes,” attests Shelley Bender, Director of Care. “She continually provides the best for each resident in a quiet, respectful manner. Her calm nature is very reassuring to the residents.”

Cathy seems pleased with the feedback and the award.

“I think I’m a quiet person,” says the friendly woman when asked to describe herself.

“I like my job,” she continues softly. “I like working with elderly people. They’re very special.”

Carveth Care Centre is grateful for the lack of selfishness by Cathy Webster who is a model of generousity and kindness. To learn more about living or working in our home, please call 613-382-4752.

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