Helen Henderson logoHelen Henderson Care Centre is located in Amherstview, Ontario. Helen Henderson Care Centre offers an affordable and active lifestyle for seniors during their retirement years as well as high quality care for those residents requiring continued long term accomodations.

At the end of the day, she’s just getting started
Tammy Abreu is a night owl. Talking from her home in Kingston on an early spring morning, the 34-year-old smiles brightly when asked about her work as a Residential Aide at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge. “I love it,” she says about her job to provide assisted living to seniors. “It works better for me,” she explains about her preference to work the night-shift. “I’m a night owl.” Raised in Odessa, Tammy has worked at the home for the past 12 years. She finds pleasure in making people happy. “I love…
Mending lobster traps kept this senior busy in childhood
Margaret Kidson grew-up with the Atlantic Ocean as her playground. Smiling from the memory of her childhood, she talks with the soft-spoken humour and kindness of an east coast Canadian. “Growing-up, I lived in a little fishing village on the east coast of Halifax,” says Margaret from Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge where she is enjoying the golden years of her life. “It was very picturesque, but cold in the wintertime.” A resident of the lodge for approximately one-year, Margaret is a popular resident in the home. Blessed with thick wavy…
Fresh ingredients is this chef’s secret to success
Kevin Adams loves French cooking. Born in Quebec, Kevin’s love of French food was on full display at a Parisian gala at Helen Henderson Care Centre last April. As a chef at the home for almost two years, Kevin enjoyed planning and preparing the menu for the annual volunteer appreciation event. Using the world’s best cheese and freshest ingredients, the talented cook earned the praise of guests who said the food was spectacular. “I love it,” the 55-year-old father of three says with a smile about his work at the…
Residential Aide spreads beauty and kindness
Katie Munro knows nothing is as it seems. Viewing life through the eyes of an artist - colour, form and composition strike her with a force that demands to be captured and shared. “I’ve been creative my entire life,” she confirms from her workplace on a late spring afternoon in June. Dressed in scrubs for her work as a Residential Aide at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge, the 32-year-old spends her spare time creating art and music. Photographs of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes line her social media page. Music comes as naturally…
Fall Open House at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge
A retirement home in Amherstview is showcasing its award winning programs and services at an open house this fall. Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge, an accredited retirement home owned and operated by the Gibson family, is opening its doors to the public on Sept. 24 from 1 to 4 pm. The open house is part of a province-wide initiative by the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) to showcase services for people looking for assisted living. The open house will also introduce residents and dynamic/dedicated staff. Featuring the taste, sound and beauty…
Nurse recognized for labour of love
Stephanie Cowan’s love for seniors runs deep. A Registered Practical Nurse at Helen Henderson Care Centre for almost four years, Stephanie is passionate about treating the people in her care with compassion and kindness. Speaking from the accredited retirement and long-term care home in Amherstview on a warm September afternoon, the 27-year-old talks with a blunt honesty that is refreshing. Dressed in a rose coloured shirt and black framed glasses, she blushes when she hears she is the home’s Employee of the Month for October. “I don’t do this job…
Volunteers play a very important role in our everyday lives, offering residents companionship and community involvement. Our Auxiliary hold fundraisers regularly to make sure every resident is remembered at Christmas and to help make wish lists for residents possible. They also purchase nursing equipment when requested. Our volunteers attend in-services on current topics such as Palliative Care, SAARS, HINI, and fire Evacuation so that they are more than just a daily events person. Responsibilities of the volunteers are set out in their orientation information handout. Volunteers are able to join…
Our Ministerial Association and Spiritual Advisors contribute to a multi-cultural and diverse spiritual group.  They help to ensure that you and your family members come to terms with important issues that you face as your family member settles into their new home.  Multi-denominational religious services are held where residents can come together as a group , yet also provide one-on-one care in the privacy of the residents room.  Our Spiritual advisers and Ministerial Association can offer exceptional insight to assist the care team in understanding and caring for your family…

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