Legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada
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Legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada

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Although cannabis is now legal in Canada for adults (effective Oct. 17, 2018), Gibson Family Health Care reminds residents, staff, volunteers and families that Carveth Care Centre and Helen Henderson Care Centre are smoke free environments.

By law, you cannot smoke or hold lighted tobacco in any enclosed workplace, any enclosed public places and specifically designated outdoor places in Ontario. If you smoke or hold lighted tobacco in a place where it has been prohibited, you may be ticketed and charged a fine.

By law, you can not work impaired. Someone who is impaired may have difficulty completing their work tasks safely and may put themselves, their coworkers and the public in danger.

There are many potential causes of impairment. In addition to factors such as fatigue and certain medical conditions, these include the use of legal and illegal substances such as alcohol, cannabis, street drugs and certain medications.

Impairment can last for more than 24 hours after cannabis use, well after other effects may have faded. The time it takes for the effects of cannabis to wear off depends on how much and how often you have consumed it and whether it was smoked or ingested.

Everyone has a role to play in workplace health and safety. Employers and employees alike should be prepared to prevent the risk of cannabis impairment at work.

Employees must:

  • work safely
  • understand the impact that using substances (medical/therapeutic or non-medical) can have on their safety and that of others
  • report to their employer anything or circumstance that is likely to be hazardous to the employees or any other person in the work place
  • inform their employer if a medical condition or treatment may cause impairment and impact their ability to perform their job safely
  • follow all instructions provided by the employer concerning the health and safety of employees

For more information, visit canada.ca

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