Displaced Fairfield Manor residents relocate to Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge
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Displaced Fairfield Manor residents relocate to Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge

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When Gord Montgomery was given two days to vacate a retirement home in Kingston earlier this year, his situation looked dire.
A resident of one of two Fairfield Manor Retirement Homes forced to close by regulatory bodies, the 86-year-old and his neighbours scrambled to find other living arrangements.

To his relief, Gord and several other Fairfield residents found comfort and safety at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge in Amherstview.

Talking from the accredited home on a cold winter afternoon, Gord’s voice is filled with relief after surviving the upheaval of being forced out of the place where he lived for almost two years.

“It’s nice here. I’m well looked after and taken care-of,” he says from his room. “It’s better than where I was. We got kicked out in two days.”

A graduate of Mechanical Technology from Ryerson University, Gord taught at St. Lawrence College for 20 years before retiring. He has lived at Helen Henderson for approximately four months.

“The door opens often with staff checking up on me which is good,” the father of one says about the health care he receives at the accredited home. “I feel lucky to be here.”

“It’s so open and different here,” adds Orize Davis, a 90-year-old woman who lives a few doors down from Gord. “I find the staff helpful, courteous and nice.”

A former resident of Fairfield Manor, Orize has been at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge for approximately five months.

When asked how she likes her new home, she answers with a smile, “I love it.”

A mother and grandmother, Orize enjoys the view from her room which overlooks a manicured park.

“I especially like the women I dine with, Helen and Inez,” she says kindly.

Helen Giddy smiles when she hears this feedback from her friend. The two women met while living at Fairfield Manor.


“They miss me when I’m not there,” says the 90-year-old about her dining room companions. “I don’t see anyone having fun like I do.”

Smiling from a corner of the room, Helen’s daughter-in-law notes playfully, “She’s gained five pounds since she arrived.”

“I like it here. I don’t think I can say one thing wrong about it,” adds Helen thoughtfully after spending the afternoon listening to music and eating root beer floats. “There’s more to do here.”

Speaking on behalf of the home, Assistant Administrator Angela Gibson notes, “While it is unfortunate what happened at both Fairfield locations, we are pleased to help out in any way we can. I just wish we could have accommodated everyone who was displaced.  It warms my heart to see how happy they are to be living in our home.”

Born in Odessa, Helen has lived at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge since leaving Fairfield Manor in early September 2018. 

“Those people were paying more and it was so run-down. It was sad,” explains Helen’s daughter-in-law. “I think it’s wonderful here, I really do. I’m very happy for her. The rooms are beautiful, the food is good and the nursing staff is great. Everyone has bent over backwards here to make the new residents feel welcome.”

“It’s top-notch.”

To learn more about living or working at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge, please call Audrey Young at 613-384-4585 ext. 233.

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