Nursing home recognizes good work of Kingston RPN
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Nursing home recognizes good work of Kingston RPN

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A Kingston nurse has been recognized by her peers for delivering excellent health care.

Speaking from Helen Henderson Care Centre in Amherstview in late June 2019 where she has worked for the past 12 years, Nicole Sullivan notes, “I like my job. It’s busy, but I love the residents and the girls I work with. I love to hear the residents’ stories and interact with them.”

A Registered Practical Nurse, Nicole, 31, helps obtain optimal health for the home’s 104 residents.

The residents’ safety and wellbeing are my priority, she admits with a smile. “You kind of have to have it that way when you work here.”

The proud mother of two boys ages 5 and 2 ½, Nicole is the home’s Employee of the Month for July.

Speaking on behalf of the home, Assistant Director of Care Melissa Locke notes, “Our staff and residents like Nicole. She’s a smile on the floor.”

When she’s not at work, Nicole is at home with her children or playing baseball one-night a week in the summer.

She enjoys playing in the company’s annual baseball game held in memory of former lodge manager, Yvonne McGinn.

“I like the baseball game,” she admits. “It’s my favourite day of the year. I didn’t play the first year and the home lost. I played the next two years and the home won. I’m looking forward to this year’s game on Aug. 23.”

Asked to describe herself, Nicole replies, “I can be quiet until you get to know me. After that, I talk about my kids constantly.”

 “I’m not that interesting,” she says kindly when asked about her goals and dreams. “I just want my kids to be healthy and happy. The rest is unimportant. That’s my main thing.”

Questions for Nicole

If you could rule the world, what would you do on day one?

“I’d win the lottery and take my kids on a trip.”

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

“My kids already treat me like I’m invisible and inaudible,” she says with a laugh. “I’d like to cure sickness.”

If you weren’t at your current job, what would you be doing?

“I’ve always been told I should have been a cook. I’m actually a good cook and I like to bake.”

Helen Henderson Care Centre is grateful for the good work of Nicole Sullivan. To learn more about living or working in our home, please call 613-384-4585.

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