COVID-19 emergency preparedness
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COVID-19 emergency preparedness

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(March 12, 2020) Gibson Family Health Care is enhancing its screening protocol for the 2019 novel coronavirus at Helen Henderson Care Centre and Carveth Care Centre.

As per the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s direction, both homes are implementing advanced screening measures to protect our residents and staff; those most vulnerable to COVID-19 and have a higher risk of exposure.

These new enhanced protocols mandated by the ministry include:

  • Limiting entry to the main entrances effective 1500 today. At Carveth Care Centre, the main entrance for long-term care is on James Street. The main entrance for the retirement lodge is on Herbert Street. For Helen Henderson Care Centre, entry is now limited to one door: the main entrance to long-term care located on the west side of the building on Amherst Drive.
  • All staff, students, volunteers and visitors are required to have active screening completed by a staff member before they are allowed entry to the home. All new resident admissions and those residents returning from a leave (both hospital and personal) will be screened.
  • Visiting hours are now 8 am to 7 pm. Those individuals wishing to visit outside of these hours will need to ring the doorbell for screening by a staff member before they are allowed entry.
  • Each entry point is manned by a staff member who will screen and assist with hand sanitization.
  • All non-essential programs are cancelled.

  • Individuals who are travelling outside of Canada are asked to report their travels to Administration. Please be aware there may be a mandatory 14-day quarantine before being allowed back into one of our homes. Also, a return to work may require clearance through the local public health unit.
  • The well-being of residents in our care is our top priority. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in following our new protocols and keeping our residents safe.

    Gibson Family Health Care will continue to monitor this situation closely and ensure we are prepared. If there are related questions or concerns, please contact:

    Sue Reynolds, Director of Care of Helen Henderson Care Centre at 613-384-4585 ext. 240.

    Shelley Bender, Director of Care of Carveth Care Centre at 613-382-4752 ext. 103.

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