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(March 14, 2020) In a further effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to Helen Henderson Care Centre and Carveth Care Centre, Gibson Family Health Care is only allowing essential visitors to our homes.

This is a direct order from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care who has identified essential visitors as those who have a resident who is dying or very ill. These visitors will be actively screened.

No other visitors are allowed into our homes at this time. They are encouraged to keep in touch with loved ones by phone or other technology.

The ministry plans to reevaluate this measure in the coming weeks.

For a full explanation of this new preventive measure, please read the directive (see below) from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

The well-being of residents in our care is our top priority. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in following our new protocol and keeping our residents safe.

Gibson Family Health Care will continue to monitor this situation closely and ensure we are prepared. If there are related questions or concerns, please contact:

Sue Reynolds, Director of Care of Helen Henderson Care Centre at 613-384-4585 ext. 240.

Shelley Bender, Director of Care of Carveth Care Centre at 613-382-4752 ext. 103.

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